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Information: Johannes Althusius

The Johannes Althusius Gesellschaft is an international and interdisciplinary academic association dedicated to the research of early modern legal thought, political theory and constitutional history. Taking the life and work of Althusius (1563 - 1638) as its starting point, the Johannes Althusius Gesellschaft began its activities by publishing first a bibliography, and is now undertaking a critical edition as well as a German translation of the major works of Althusius, especially his 'Politics'.

Althusius research today is in progress not only in Germany, but in many European countries, especially in Austria, the Netherlands, Switzerland, in France, Italy and Spain. Althusius scholars all over the world, namely in the United States and in Canada, in Chile, but also in Japan, South Korea and Australia, have joined the Society in its activities.

Furthermore, Althusius Society is committed to the organization of Congresses and Symposia on special subjects of research related to Althusius and his epoch. A growing number of scholars in law, politics, philosophy, theology, and history are devoting considerable attention to Althusius and his political and legal theory. This is not only due to historical interest, but to wider and broader dimensions. The impact of Althusius in recent decades seems to be based on the fact that his political theory has been vastly influential in the shaping of modern republican and federal governmental patterns, and moreover, to his insights into the nature of political order in general. to the top


Prof. Dr. Heinrich de Wall, Erlangen (President), Prof. Dr. Christoph Strohm, Heidelberg (Vice-President-Secretary); Dr. theol. h. c. Walter Schulz, Emden (Vice-President and Treasurer); Prof. Dr. Corrado Malandrino, Alessandria, Italy (Vice-President), Prof. Dr. Robert von Friedeburg, Rotterdam, Netherlands; Prof. Dr. Cornelis G. Roelofsen, Utrecht, Netherlands; Dr. Merio Scattola, Padova, Italy; Dr. Lucia Bianchin, Trento, Italy; Prof. Dr. Matthias Schmoeckel, Bonn; Ehrenvorsitzender: Prof. Dr. Dieter Wyduckel, Dresden.

Contact address:

Prof. Dr. Heinrich de Wall
Hans Liermann-Institut für Kirchenrecht,
Fachbereich Rechtswissenschaft der Universitaet Erlangen,
Hindenburgstr. 34, 91054 Erlangen

Tel.: ++49 (9131) 85 22242
Fax: ++49 (9131) 85 24064

The membership can be obtained both by natural and legal persons.
Annual Membership Fee is 15,- Euro
Account No.: 39 66 97
Bank code: 400 501 50, Sparkasse Muensterland Ost

IBAN: DE59 4005 0150 0000 3966 97 SWIFT-BIC.: WELADED1MST

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2013 - Natural Law and Constitutional Question:
Confessional Influences on the Jurisprudence and Political Science of the 17. Century - a Comparison

Date: 15. - 18. May 2013

Place: Remonstrant Church, Museumspark 3, 3015 CB Rotterdam


2010 - Reformed Political Theory in the Early Modern Period:

Contributions by Judith Becker, Mainz, Michael Becker, Heidelberg, Lucia Bianchin, Trento, Robert von Friedeburg, Rotterdam, Heiner Lück, Halle, Jörg Luther, Alessandria, Corrado Malandrino, Alessandria, Merio Scattola, Padova, Matthias Schmoeckel, Bonn, Walter Sparn, Erlangen, Christoph Strohm, Heidelberg, Heinrich de Wall, Erlangen, Dieter Wyduckel, Dresden

2006 - Law and Religious Confession in the Early Modern Period

Contributions by Lucia Bianchin, Trento, Lea Campos Boralevi, Firenze, Isabelle Deflers, Heidelberg, Detlef Döring, Leipzig, Ralf Frassek, Halle-Wittenberg, Robert von Friedeburg, Rotterdam, Christian Hattenhauer, Heidelberg, Hans Hattenhauer, Kiel, Volker Heise, Osnabrück, Christoph Link, Erlangen, Thomas Maissen, Heidelberg, Massimo Meccarelli, Macerata,, Gerhard Menk, Marburg, Hans Peterse, Osnabrück, Diego Quaglioni, Trento, Merio Scattola, Padova, Mathias Schmoeckel, Bonn, Karla Sichelschmidt, München, Christoph Strohm, Heidelberg, Heinrich de Wall, Erlangen, Dieter Wyduckel, Dresden

2003 - Law, Politics and Religion

Contributions by Nicholas Aroney, University of Queensland, Australia, Reinhard Blänkner, Frankfurt O., Frederick S. Carney/ Dallas, USA, Patricio Carvajal,Valparaiso, Chile, Won Hong Cho, Taegu, Korea, Jesse Chupp, Texas A & M University, USA, Robert von Friedeburg, Rotterdam, Gerald Hartung, Berlin, Helmut Hollenstein, Bad Berleburg, Marco Antonio Huesbe, Valparaiso, Chile, Thomas O. Hüglin, Waterloo/Ontario, Canada, Bettina Koch, Oldenburg, Corrado Malandrino, Alessandria, Italy, Peter Cornelius Mayer-Tasch, München, Gerhard Menk, Marburg, Cary J. Nederman, Texas A & M University, USA, G. P. van Nifterik, Amsterdam, Merio Scattola, Padova, Italy, Heinz Schilling, Berlin, Mathias Schmoeckel, Bonn, Christoph Strohm, Bochum, Susanne de Vries, Vechta, Manfred Walther, Hannover, Dieter Wyduckel, Dresden, Cornel A. Zwierlein,München

2000 - The Concept of Subsidiarity in Church, State and Society

Contributions by Antony Black, Dundee, Peter Blickle, Bern, Mauro Calise, Napoli, Christian Calliess, Saarbrücken, Chantal Delsol, Paris, Ulrich Fastenrath, Dresden, Anna Gamper, in place of Peter Pernthaler, Innsbruck, Ansgar Hense, Dresden, Thomas O. Hüglin, Waterloo/Ontario, Canada, Josef Isensee, Bonn, Harm Klueting, Köln, Sanford Lakoff, San Diego, USA, Corrado Malandrino,Torino, Pavel Mikluscák, Bratislava, Olav Moorman van Kappen, Nijmegen, Peter Nitschke, Vechta, Katharina Odermatt, Engelberg Switzerland, Stefan Ulrich Pieper, MünsterWestf., Jan Rohls, München, Merio Scattola, Padova, Heinrich de Wall, Halle, Manfred Walther, Hannover, Thomas Würtenberger, Freiburg/Br., Dieter Wyduckel, Dresden

1997 - The Peace of Westphalia: A Western and Eastern Perspective

Contributions by Karlheinz Blaschke, Dresden, Detlef Döring, Leipzig, Rudolf Hoke, Wien, Thomas O. Hüglin, Waterloo/Ontario, Canada, Cornelis G. Roelofsen, Utrecht, Heinhard Steiger, Gießen

1994 - Johannes Althusius and Samuel Pufendorf

Contributions by Detlef Döring, Leipzig, Giuseppe Duso, Padova, Gerald Hartung, Berlin, Peter Nitschke, Münster/Westf., Simone Zurbuchen, Zürich

1991 - Johannes Althusius and Justus Möser

Contributions by Heinhard Steiger, Gießen, Christoph Link, Erlangen, Renate Stauf, Berlin

1988 - Federalism: A European and American Perspective

Contributions by Michael Behnen, Göttingen, Frederick S. Carney/ Dallas, USA, Karl-Wilhelm Dahm, Münster/Westf., Giuseppe Duso, Padova, Dan Elazar, Philadelphia, USA, Hans Helmut Esser, Münster/Westf., Thomas Fleiner-Gerster, Fribourg, Schweiz, Hans Joachim Hillerbrand/Dallas, USA, Thomas Hüglin, Waterloo/Ontario, Canada, Heinrich Janssen, Melle, Robert M. Kingdon, Madison, USA, Wolfgang Kratz, Herborn, Werner Krawietz, Münster/Westf., Charles McCoy, Berkeley, USA, Olav Moorman van Kappen, Nijmegen, Demetrio Neri, Messina, Stanley L. Paulson, St. Louis, USA, Karl Heinrich Rengstorf, Münster/Westf., Wilhelm Schmidt-Biggemann, Berlin, Hans Ulrich Scupin, Münster/Westf., Rüdiger Störkel, Herborn, Robert C. Walton, Münster/Westf., Thomas Würtenberger, Trier, Dieter Wyduckel, Münster/Westf., Reinhold Zippelius, Erlangen

1988 - The Doctrine of Imperial Public Law in the Jena School

Contributions by Rudolf Hoke, Wien, Dieter Wyduckel, Münster/Westf.

1985 - Johannes Althusius and Justus Lipsius

Contributions by Michael Stolleis, Frankfurt am Main, M. E. H. W. Mout/, Leiden, Carl Siedschlag/, Bad Oeynhausen

1984 - Political Theory of Johannes Althusius

Contributions by Norbert Achterberg, Münster/Westf., Heinz Antholz, Bonn, Gustav Adolf Benrath, Mainz, Karl-Wilhelm Dahm, Münster/Westf., Hendrik J. van Eikema Hommes, Amsterdam, Hans Helmut Eßer, Münster/Westf., Hasso Hofmann, Würzburg, Rudolf Hoke, Wien, Heinz Holzhauer, Münster/Westf., Heinrich Janssen, Melle, Otto Rudolf Kissel, Darmstadt, Wolfgang Kratz, Herborn, Werner Krawietz, Münster/Westf., Charles McCoy, Berkeley, USA, Gerhard Menk, Marburg, O. Moorman van Kappen, Nijmegen, Karl Heinrich Rengstorf, Münster/Westf., Bernd Rüthers, Konstanz, Wilhelm Schmidt-Biggemann, Berlin, Hans Ulrich Scupin, Münster/Westf., Carl Siedschlag, Bad Oeynhausen, Walter Sparn, Bayreuth, Heinhard Steiger, Gießen, Jürgen Warnecke, Steinfurt, Paul-Ludwig Weinacht, Würzburg, Peter Jochen Winters, Berlin, Thomas Würtenberger, Trier, Dieter Wyduckel, Münster/Westf.

1983 - Johannes Althusius and Hugo Grotius

Contributions by Hendrik J. van Eikema Hommes, Amsterdam, Karl Heinrich Rengstorf, Münster/Westf.

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Major Publications:

Reformierte Staatslehre in der frühen Neuzeit
ed. by Heinrich de Wall, Berlin: Duncker & Humblot 2013 (Historische Forschungen) (to appear)

Konfessionalität und Jurisprudenz in der frühen Neuzeit
ed by Christoph Strohm, Heinrich de Wall, Berlin:
Duncker & Humblot 2009 (Historische Forschungen, vol. 89)

Jurisprudenz, Politische Theorie und Politische Theologie
(Law, Politics and Religion), ed. by Frederick S. Carney, Heinz Schilling, Dieter Wyduckel, Berlin: Duncker & Humblot 2004 (Beiträge zur Politischen Wissenschaft, vol. 131)

Johannes Althusius, Politica
Abridged German Translation by Heinrich Janssen, ed. by Dieter Wyduckel., Berlin: Duncker & Humblot, 2003

Subsidiarität als rechtliches und politisches Ordnungsprinzip in Kirche, Staat und Gesellschaft
(The Concept of Subsidiarity in Church, State and Society), ed. by Peter Blickle, Thomas Hüglin, Dieter Wyduckel, Berlin: Duncker & Humblot, 2002 (RECHTSTHEORIE [Legal Theory], Suppl. No. 20

Der Westfälische Frieden in rechts- und staatstheoretischer Perspektive
(Reconsidering the Peace of Westphalia in Legal Theory), ed. by Olav Moorman van Kappen and Dieter Wyduckel, Berlin: Duncker & Humblot, 1999 (RECHTSTHEORIE [Legal Theory], Special Issue 2/1998)

Konsens und Konsoziation in der politischen Theorie des frühen Föderalismus
(Consensus and Consociation in the Political Theory of Early Modern Federalism), ed. by Giuseppe Duso, Werner Krawietz, Dieter Wyduckel, Berlin: Duncker & Humblot, 1997 (RECHTSTHEORIE [Legal Theory], Suppl. No. 16)

Politische Theorie des Johannes Althusius
(Political Theory of Johannes Althusius), ed. by Karl-Wilhelm Dahm, Werner Krawietz, Dieter Wyduckel, Berlin: Duncker & Humblot, 1988 (RECHTSTHEORIE [Legal Theory], Suppl. No. 7)

Bibliographie zur politischen Ideengeschichte und Staatslehre, zur Verfassungsgeschichte und zum Staatsrecht des 16. bis 18. Jahrhunderts (Althusius Bibliography. Bibliography on the History of Early Modern Political Ideas, Constitutional History and Public Law), ed. by Hans Ulrich Scupin and Ulrich Scheuner, composed by Dieter Wyduckel, Berlin: Duncker & Humblot, 1973, 2 vols.

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Documents and links:

Althusius, Johannes: Politica methodice digesta. - Herbornae Nassoviorum : 1603

E-Book, online available under:

Articles of Association

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